We are excited to introduce you to the new,
online Continuing Education Tracker system for GFOA-PA!

This system will provide you with a secure, easy to use platform
to access and to keep track of your educational credits with GFOA-PA.
Please note, the prior database is no longer active.


To access this new system you will need to:
Access the system here: https://www.cetrackerlive.com/app
Account Name: GFOA PA
Enter your Email
Enter your Password

If you do NOT have an email address, and/or a password in the system please
contact us at certification@gfoapa.org for assistance.


Additionally, if you need any assistance, or if you have any questions, please contact
Linda Mason at certifcation@gfoapa.org, or Jennifer Iams at Jennifer@gfoapa.org,
or by phone at 412-343-2437.



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