GFOA-PA Message Board

GFOA-PA has begun a message board to serve as an opportunity for members to connect and share knowledge. We encourage you to participate and share your knowledge with others.

How Do I Participate?

  1. Log into the member center. If you have not yet logged in, your username is your email and your password is GFOAPA2024.  Contact your GFOA-PA headquarters if you need assistance. Email [email protected] or call 717-927-0638.
  2. Click on Message Board and you will see a list of topics that have been started by another member.
  3. If you are interested in a topic, you will want to click “subscribe to the thread” so you are notified when a new message comes in on that topic.
  4. To reply, click on the subject title, and then click on reply and submit your response.  Everyone that has subscribed to the thread will receive your response. Or if someone goes to the message board page they can also see your response.

Please note, in order to respond you will need to be inside the member center in the message board.

Click here to log into the member center.


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